Spin House performance classes have been specially designed by our leading high performance coach Joel Grech. Each class aims to develop a physical quality to help improve performance both in and out of the session. If you are looking to build strength, muscle endurance, aerobic capacity, or work under high intensity race conditions these classes are for you.

Utilising our monitoring system we are able to track performance, test your fitness and suggest the best classes to better develop your cycling. We want to educate our members on how best to achieve an optimal result. It is not just about working hard, its about training smart if you want to improve. 

Some of the classes are performed forward some are reverse, some are team challenges some are individual challenges. All our classes are designed for everyone and every fitness level, we leave no good man or women behind. You can take each class as easy or as hard as you like. Overtime the competitive bug will bite and you will no doubt be sucked in to testing your comfort levels and we hope you find it as challenging as it is fun. 




The king of the mountains (KOM) is given to those who are first and best over a series of climbs.  Depending on the grade and steepness of the climb a different category is given. "Mountain Goat" is a cat 1 meaning it is the hardest of the climbs at Spin House. 60 minutes of pure torture, this ride is for those wanting a challenge. Step up and be crowned KOM. Lead through our 7 stages of climbs and the award is all yours.


Gondola Lift (Cat 2)

The Gondola lift is a a series of repeat climbs each the same, as a gondola in the mountains it is the same course, same speed. The challenge is to sustain the effort through the session. Repeated Climbs are their to help build tolerance and capacity.



(Cat 2)

The Spin House Peaks challenge is designed to test your limits. The climb is simulated to sit you above and below your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). This will allow you to build better endurance and improve your 20 minute power test. It will also challenge your body to recovery while still maintaining high power outputs. It is a calorie burning machine the Peaks challenge so come ready to sweat.


fortitude valley

Spin house it is sometimes about being uncomfortable and testing your physical and mental strength. Designed for all levels you can challenge yourself along a series of intervals with active recovery. It is during these efforts you need to develop. Fortitude is a double set 5 minutes to 1 minute and you repeat it twice. You will burn some serious calories here and there is very little rest. 




Keirin racing is a tradition form of track cycling events and consists of a paced race with a fast finish. Over the course of the session you will perform a few build up races where by you increase pace until the pacer  drops away and the race is on. Different events will take place on the Keiren race day and each person will get an attempt at being the pacer. 


Seven Deadly Spins

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and  Pride are the seven deadly sins, here we take a twist on the original and have come up with seven deadly spins. Be ready and prepared for some heart thumping leg pumping action and burn some serious calories. 




Walk in the park

Walk in the park is a 25km time trial and is one of our test events. You complete an closed trial, 25km as fast as you can. See if you can get your name on the wall of fame and enter Spin House folklore.


barkley challenge

The barkley marathon is one of the hardest marathons in the world. Since it started only 20 people have completed the marathon. The way this session works is all about sustainable power. Perform the list down, then back up, perform all the odd numbers then even numbers, then your choice for round 5... thats if you make it. The barkley is our version of hell but you know at the end of it your name is going on our wall of fame. We are still waiting for our first name on the wall.


Devil take the hindmost  

"Miss and out" or "Win and out" races are very easy to follow, it is about strategy and determination. Grit your teeth and race hard. The rules are simple, if you are last in the "miss and out" race you are eliminated. If you are in front on the "win and out" race. You win and everyone else has to keep racing. 


Everything including the kitchen sink

If you only have time to perform one workout this is the workout you want to do. It is a mixture of all the different energy systems to deliver a powerful workout. Working from short power neuromuscular sets to long endurance aerobic efforts challenges the body to work through different types of stress. It also creates a large EPOC response, great for weight loss. 



Two Walks in the Park

If 25km is a walk in the park, two walks in the park is  a 50km Time Trial. Not an easy event  but we don't like easy. The challenge is to complete 50km as fast as you can and challenge yourself to join the sub 90 minute club.


No one can hear you scream

Its all about the engine and how well it can deliver oxygen to the system. Here are some 3-5 minute maximal efforts to help improve your ability to sustain power and recover. The goal here is to maintain the greatest output you can achieve for the time. Good for improving your 20 minute and 5 minute test performance.



Hard day at the office (omnium)

Omnium is a series of races performed in one session. It is a hard day at the office for those whose want to be crowned winner of the omnium. Get points for winning events. The king of the track is those who accumulate the most points across the day. 



This is a glass half full/half empty scenario. It is a mix of intervals with equal amounts of recovery. Work hard and you are rewarded with a well deserved rest. Half the class, the same amount of fun. Are you the optimist or the pessimist?





The pinnacle

Once a year we host a 100km Time Trial. Test your mettle and aim to join our sub 3 hour club. It is a great mental and physical challenge to complete. Test your long ride skills, get comfortable and enjoy the show. The 100km ride will follow a tour event and you can test yourself against the pro's. 



Below are just a few of the benefits to riding with us at Spin House



Through the Spivi software all Spin House members have unique access to all their performance data and can look at each class, week, month and yearly breakdowns to see how you have been progressing.



Our performance measures are fully integrated to social media so you can let everyone know how well you are doing in each of the classes.

✓ Track your results

Our heart rate monitors are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ dual-band-technology that allows you to receive information directly to your smartphone, smart watch and our leader board metric system. 



Schwinn performance AC plus bikes with carbon blue belt drive delivers the most realistic ride feel to being outdoors and on the road. All our bikes are equipped with double-link pedals that allow our uses flexibility to have either cycling shoes or normal trainers. The bikes have magnetic breaking systems to give you a smooth ride the entire class and a large spectrum of resistance.

✓ compete in class

For the competitive natured, we offer our high intensity training options where you are able to race the group or you can work as a group. Racing is a great way to improve.



All our instructors are taught by Scwinn how to best utilize and integrate all the performance data into a class to deliver a high energy workout that is individualized to suit your level of fitness, training experience and goals.