Established in 2016 blended from ideas of a few and adapted from one of New Yorks leading fitness studios, Spin House has been created for the indoor cycling enthusiast looking to enhance their experience or for those looking to take control of their health. For all ages, fitness levels and experience, Spin House is a tailored product. 

We're not big on rules at Spin House, so we have delivered traditional cycling principles mixed with contemporary coaching and science practice designed to motivate all riders and all fitness levels. We believe in you need to work for a result, but we don’t believe in sweating without a smile. Although we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we do take our workouts seriously. Everything at Spin House has been designed to give you a fitness experience, from our interiors, the people we employ and the classes invented by us for you. We have coupled the low impact cardiovascular benefits of cycling and modern technology to deliver classes that are exciting, challenging and addictive. Our classes leave you energized, are family and community focused and our foundations are on performance. We use real-time data to make sure you get the most out of every Spin House class and help you push harder and further with every pedal stroke. We believe in creating a fitness product that people want to talk about and a community that people want to be apart. So our one rule: ‘enjoy it’

The Vision

Spin House was born as a result of many sleepless nights, countless hours and a little too much caffeine. The vision was to create a product that re-invents the way indoor cycling is delivered, and to change the way people achieve their health and fitness goals. Spin House has been developed with the client in mind, with the aim to create a personal experience in an environment where people can workout, socialise and have fun. These principals formed the foundations to create one of the coolest fitness concepts on the Gold Coast.


Our mission is to deliver Gold Coast a boutique fitness environment based on community, commitment and achievement. Through our investment  Spin House will deliver the best indoor cycling equipment, integrated technology, range of classes, knowledgeable staff and personal advice in a engaging environment to help you achieve your fitness goals. Spin House delivers an environment that blends the social, fun and team dynamic into a tightly packed fitness studio where people can can meet, share and workout.

Miami Gold Coast

At Spin House we focus on three main pillars which include having the best indoor cycling equipment, the latest fitness technology and an epic atmosphere. We searched high and low for a boutique space that could fit all of our ideas yet be cosy enough to keep things personal. Our location search started nation wide, analysing each city along the way. Sydney, Melbourne and the rest of the major cities did not fit what we wanted to create. We had a new product and a young company with an appetite to grow into a promising business that delivers on its mission. Gold Coast was our city! the growth, the population and a city that is fast creating its own attitude and personality. With a growing community, we wanted to establish Spin House not only as a business in the Gold Coast but also to form part of the city's culture.



  • We work in Teams
  • We are a Community
  • We track progress
  • We reward results and achievements
  • Know what you have achieved and set individualised targets
  • Make your training about you and tailor your workouts
  • Flexible options so you can do it on your own terms
  • Be accountable for your training and know you are getting value for money