Food, food, glorious food.

How good if food! It is one of my favourite things! It is also a mega mindfield in this day & age.

There is soooo much information thrown at us about food, diet, health and lifestyle on a daily basis that it can become extremely overwhelming. If you’re lucky, you’ve grown up in a relative healthy environment that has provided you with a platform around what ‘healthy eating’ can look like. And just to get one thing straight, everyone will have a slightly different version - and that is 100% fine.

We do know however, that there a few common themes around health promoting ways of eating that anyone can incorporate and benefit from. Here are just a few:

  1. Whole Foods. We’ve all heard it before, it’s not anything new, quite common knowledge, but not common practice. The majority of your diet should be based around whole foods. Fruits, vegetables, gains, legumes, nuts & seeds are all amazing sources of energy, macro & micronutrients vital for health. Remember 5 veg & 2 fruit is the baseline - but don’t be afraid to have more.

  2. Water. Drinking water - extremely important. We are mostly water as most of us know, and we need to make sure we are keeping it that way. Aiming for 2/3L/ per day, depending on your job & activity level. Get creative with it, add some mint, lemon, lime, even throwing some berries in there to make it fancy - what ever it takes to get you doing that H20.

  3. Keep it colourful. You want as many different colours from as many different fruits & veg on your plate as you can. Colours mean micronutrients & flavour.

  4. Seasonal. This is how you keep you’re costs low. Foods that are in season are usually tastier, cheaper and more local, which means there’s less change of their quality degrading.

  5. Mindful eating. Eat when you’re hungry & stop when your full. Listening to body and waiting for the right hunger/ full signals is important. Make sure you try and be as ‘present’ as you can when you are eating your food, tv off, phone down - chew it properly and enjoy it.

  6. 80/20. The best rule ever. The easiest way to have your cake & eat it too - literally. Most of the time (80%) you should eat to nourish & fuel your body, it should be composed of whole health promoting foods. The other 20, is of for your to enjoy - food is a part of our culture, celebration & represents so much more then just “fuel.” Have that piece of cake, enjoy your chocolate and don’t feel guilty. Developing a good relationship with food is key to sustainable healthy eating.

Food is amazing, and we are so lucky to have the access and knowledge that we do about food. Make sure when you are doing your own research about food and healthy eating, you’re paying attention to where that information comes from. Good quality nutrition information is an avocado - good ones are hard to find - but worth the time :P

Joel Grech