Corporate training is all about team bonding, challenges and results. It is important that with every corporate challenge we promote office communication, health and productivity. Nothing like spending your lunchtime ripping in on the bike, having a good sweat and enjoying some good old fashion banter with other members of the office. Race each other, set a group challenge target (15,000 calories) or maybe you have a cycling event the company is building towards. What ever the goal we can tailor our product and services to suit.


Team based training or off-feet conditioning sessions are great for reducing running load during the pre-season and its also a great way for guys returning from injury to maintain fitness in a low impact environment. Develop team work and allow the team to step away from the day to day training environment. If you are looking for a team based training facility to get a little more effort from the group pre, during or after the season then we have the expertise, resources and equipment to help facilitate what ever result is desired.


Group Training is perfect for those who are looking to build up for a specific event, cycling groups or event ready training. If you have a goal and a small group of people who are like minded and share your passion then we can design a training program to suit.