Spin House performance classes have been specially designed by our leading high performance coach Joel Grech. Each class aims to develop a physical quality to help improve performance both in and out of the session. If you are looking to build strength, muscle endurance, aerobic capacity, or work under high intensity race conditions these classes are for you.

Utilising our monitoring system we are able to track performance, test your fitness and suggest the best classes to better develop your cycling. We want to educate our members on how best to achieve an optimal result. It is not just about working hard, its about training smart if you want to improve. 




Race events are great to see how your riding stacks up against others and to gauge how you are improving. It also gives us great insight as to how you can best utilise the classes to improve. Race yourself or race the others, its all about clocking up the distance as fast as you can. Great for building confidence and pacing strategy.. But really its all about the bragging rights. Race as a team or as individuals.

Repeat Sprint Ability (RSA)

Your ability to perform high intensity activity over and over with minimal rest is no picnic but you can get great improvement in endurance, power and anaerobic tolerance. You basically just did three classes in one. Give yourself a big pat on the back when you are able to drag yourself of the bike. Its hard work but great results.


Tempo classes are little in-between, they are a combination of classes with some individual targets or goals set at the start. Tempo classes can be used to condition the nervous and muscle system or the heart and lungs. Cadence is the focus.



Aerobic classes are a sub-maximal class to improve endurance capacity. We can improve our endurance by enabling the body to adapt to this type of training which will increase cardiac output (how hard the heart works) and increase oxygen utilisation (how well we use the oxygen we breath). 


Anaerobic classes are maximal and supra maximal efforts where you are never comfortable. These classes will allow you have that extra push up the mountain or sprint to the finish. Its all about how well you tolerate work, improving your exercise tolerance at high workloads can be the difference between winning and loosing a race or being in the peloton or the chase.


The size of the engine maters when it is most important. Power classes are all about building the ability to produce high force and turn those cranks over. There are some advantages to having high power outputs. During a race the higher your absolute power, the lower the stress applied to the body. As well as becoming a better cyclist you can also activate high levels of muscle. Greater muscle activation, increased muscle mass can improve your bodies ability to burn energy throughout the day and lead to weight loss.


Below are just a few of the benefits to riding with us at Spin House



Through the Spivi software all Spin House members have unique access to all their performance data and can look at each class, week, month and yearly breakdowns to see how you have been progressing.



Our performance measures are fully integrated to social media so you can let everyone know how well you are doing in each of the classes.

✓ Track your results

Our heart rate monitors are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ dual-band-technology that allows you to receive information directly to your smartphone, smart watch and our leader board metric system. 



Schwinn performance AC plus bikes with carbon blue belt drive delivers the most realistic ride feel to being outdoors and on the road. All our bikes are equipped with double-link pedals that allow our uses flexibility to have either cycling shoes or normal trainers. The bikes have magnetic breaking systems to give you a smooth ride the entire class and a large spectrum of resistance.

✓ compete in class

For the competitive natured, we offer our high intensity training options where you are able to race the group or you can work as a group. Racing is a great way to improve.



All our instructors are taught by Scwinn how to best utilize and integrate all the performance data into a class to deliver a high energy workout that is individualized to suit your level of fitness, training experience and goals.