Cardio training meets inspired music, with a variety of drills, intervals and challenges. Work with the group to grind, climb, sprint, burn, sweat and motivate your way to a healthy life.

These sessions are total body and mind workouts to the rhythm of music. Its all about the enjoyment, get the blood pumping, get sweaty and get that satisfied feeling after your done. Our non-performance classes are 45-minute sessions driven by the rider. It’s your class; you work as hard as you want. Burn, sweat and enjoy the social side of indoor cycling. No competition, no monitoring. Just you, the bike and a group of people doing it together. For first timers and hardened cyclists who want to sweat while having fun.



Spin & Core

30 minutes of heart thumping, music pumping spin work on the bike then jump off and get that core engaged. You will spend 15 minutes on the mats developing real functional core strength in a slow and controlled environment. A great way to burn calories. Remember to bring a towel and a mat for this one!!

Spin & Run

It sounds daunting but its all about pushing you out of the comfort zone. We jump on the bikes, get the legs moving, your heart rate up, start sweating a little then we hit the street. Walk, run, jog or do a combination. Do it as a group or challenge yourself, set a goal each week and aim to beat it the next.

Spin & Resistance

A 45 minute class that will burn calories, a combination of spin work on the bike, resistance bands and body weight exercises off the bike. Build strength, endurance, burn calories and have fun.. thats a party I want to be at! A great way to start the week or earn a few extra wines on the weekend.


Bikes and Beats

45 minutes of music.. yes your spinning, your burning energy and your having fun. The social club of Spin House. Great music play lists each week to get you through, its still hard work, you are still grinding the gears, working the hills and sprinting in and out of the saddle. The best bit is you work as a group, you enjoy the moment and its all to the beat of some cool tunes.

Spin and Reset

Time to switch off, reset and relax. This is the class to help you finish the week. Its our Friday afternoon special. Spend 20 minutes getting the body working and warm, get our breathing rate up and then we lay on the mats, unwind, release all the tension from the week and just reset. Its all about focusing on your breathing, releasing all that pent up energy and attacking the weekend refreshed and ready. Get in quick this class is limited to 10 spaces.