Meal Ideas

Week 6 kicks off next week and you may be looking to update your meals each week. Remember the eating plan is a guide, keep the structure and swap a few of the meals of add some of these to your current meals. I have put more focus on snacks to help get you through between meals and I have also put a few more lunch time ideas together. 

Healthy Coleslaw: This one is from me, it is an easy recipe I use to add to chicken dishes or as a side for lunch. You can make a batch and it will keep for a couple of days in the fridge. Thinly slice some red cabbage, green apple and carrot. If you have a slicer it is a lot easier. One you have all these cut up I put half a lime's juice on the apple to keep it fresh. Add all the ingredients. Mix together greek yogurt and tablespoon of whole grain mustard, mix this through the coleslaw mix. Away you go, taste great, is healthy and will help bump your protein content up. You can mix in spinach and beetroot leaves for more fibre.

Sweet Potato and Egg Salad

The above dish is great as a side or as a main dish. I would swap out the potato for sweet potato and eating it cold will slow the impact on the blood stream (glucose response). I would add this to your training days to help keep your energy levels up, do not go over board on the portion sizes.

Pecan and Sweet Potato Side Dish

Use this dish as a side for your dinner after training, add a protein source for an easy quick meal. Cook a batch on the weekend so it is simple to grab during the week.

Twice baked Sweet Potato

I have gone a bit sweet potato mad but this is a great option to cook up on a Sunday to give you some on the go breakfast for the week. Good for days you are training as it has all the right energy to help support recovery after or fuel for training before.

Coconut Curry

This is a great meal you could use as left overs the next day, add a small portion of brown rice as a side, remember we only want a portion about the size of a closed fist. If you do not eat meat you could substitute for lentils or split peas and add cauliflower to help give it some base. You could even add these to the meat version if you do not feel like rice.

Sweet Potato and White Bean Chilli

This is an awesome dish, great as a leftover and to add some another source of protein you could add some black beans. It is a great vegetarian option post training to help aid recovery.

Barramundi Taco Lime Salad

I like this dish with either prawns (use frozen) or barramundi. Spice the fish and then either grill or fry. You can do the same dish with chicken, use chicken thigh and flatten out with a mallet or rolling pin. Spice and grill on the bbq or in a griddle pan to give you some charcoal flavour.

Sesame Soaked Kale

Great snack as it is low in calories or good as a side to either your lunch or dinner.

Sneaky Donuts

You read correctly, sneaky donuts are a a healthy breakfast option. Not the glazed deep-fried version you pick up from Donut time but a quick easy snack or breakfast on the go. To stick with the more natural lower carbohydrate switch the wholemeal flour for coconut flour/almond flour. You will still need the self-raising unless you want to play around with the addition of baking powder to help give them some air. Add in some berries to boost the antioxidants and I would only eat this on training days as they can be a little addictive (portion control out the window).

Pop Eye Toast with Poached Eggs

Great little breakfast option or post gym/spin snack if you have one piece of toast. I would add 1-2 poached eggs on top to help increase the protein content per serve.

4-Grain Porridge

Looking over everyones diet feedback there is a few of you who enjoy quick oats. Although these are an easy option the above porridge once you make the base is super quick and easy to make up. Cook up a bigger batch and you can portion off and microwave for breakfast on the follow days.

Joel Grech