Spin to Win

We want you to get the best out of our training so we thought we could offer a few things you can do in the class or off the bike following the class that will help burn more energy and build a stronger fitter version of yourself. Try these few challenges to boost your workout and add an extra element of difficulty. 

  1. The recovery threshold: During the recovery try and keep your power output above a certain threshold, this might be 200 watts. So work as hard as you can and then when you are in a recovery set you have to keep your legs moving. This will maintain your heart rate at higher levels in the class so you will be working harder for longer.
  2. The Runs: Any form of exercise will result in a level of muscle fatigue and this is often unique to the exercise pattern, intensity and duration. The bike tends to fatigue hip flexors, gluten, quads and hamstrings. Running of the bike creates a challenge as you have to produce more work to do the same required movement. Try running some hills of the bike at North Burleigh 6-10 reps will enough.
  3. Stairway to Heaven: Following a high intensity interval session your metabolic rate remains elevated and is termed Exercise post oxygen consumption (EPOC). The great the stimulus during the session, the greater the EPOC. If weight loss is your goal, training after a high intensity interval session you will burn more energy. Try adding some stair sets, you do not need to run, just walking stairs will burn a huge amount of energy as your metabolic rate is already elevated. 
  4. Metabolic Conditioning: Combining resistance training following a high intensity interval session will burn lots of energy. Body weight exercises add an element of difficulty and will rip weight off. Similar to the stairs you have an elevated metabolic rate following intense exercise, adding additional work to this will amplify that even more. If you couple the bike with upper body exercise (push ups, pull ups, band upper body exercises, kettlebells, weights etc.) you get a greater nervous system response as the body has to redirect blood flow to the working musculature.

Try these workout boosters to help achieve your goal. If you would like any more help in how to best structure your training email info@spin-house.com.au

Joel Grech