To better understand fitness, track changes and get the most out of training you need to test. We have put together four commonly used performance tests into one powerful class to give you a Spin House profile. The test includes Neuromuscular power (MaxP) or the maximal amount of power you can produce. Maximal aerobic power (MAP) corresponds to the highest power output achieved during peak oxygen uptake, lots of words there, it just means it is the highest power you can achieve aerobically. Functional Threshold Power (FTP), is based on our 20 minute power test. It is the highest sustainable power you sustain for 60 minutes and gives an indication of your fitness level. It is what our points system is based upon at the studio, changes in FTP will make you work hard in the class to get more points. The last of the four (4) performance tests is a 1 minute "all out" anaerobic capacity test. It is the highest power or work you can sustain for 1 minute and gives an indication of your ability of high intensity work. Think climbing up a mountain, breaking away from the pack or sprinting to the finish line. 




The neuromuscular power test is the maximal power you can produce. This is your upper ceiling. The test is two x 10 second efforts with 1 :50 recovery between. The test helps identify your ability to coordinate muscles to efficiently produce power and also how well your muscles contract to produce high levels of power. It also measures the metabolic component of the muscle to supply energy fast enough to meet the demands of the exercise. 

Maximal aerobic power (MAP)

Maximal aerobic power or MAP is tightly linked to the average power you can sustain over a 5 minute block. So long as the effort is maximal and not paced it will give you a good indication of your aerobic ability. The test looks at how much power you can sustain and also how well you can sustain the effort. Technique and efficiency will play a role, grit your teeth and work as hard as you can. 


Functional threshold power (FTP)

Functional threshold power is the highest power you can sustain for 1 hour. If MAP represents your aerobic ceiling, FTP is a percentage of your ceiling. It is calculated on a 20 minute average power test, it represents 90% of your 20 minute power. FTP is used calculate our points system at Spin House, all sessions are graded against your FTP or your level of fitness. The fitter you become the harder it is to accumulate points. 

Anaerobic capacity test (AC)

Anaerobi capacity is the highest amount of work you can achieve without oxygen as a fuel source. It is the highest average power you can achieve for 1 minute. It is an 'all out' power effort, empty the tank and leave nothing. It is the test that will be the most uncomfortable and it should be, by the end your legs will feel like concrete and your lungs will be screaming for air. It is during these testing times you really find out who you are and how much pain your willing to go through.




Spin house fit test-2.png


Below are just a few of the benefits to riding with us at Spin House



Through the Spivi software all Spin House members have unique access to all their performance data and can look at each class, week, month and yearly breakdowns to see how you have been progressing.



Our performance measures are fully integrated to social media so you can let everyone know how well you are doing in each of the classes.

✓ Track your results

Our heart rate monitors are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ dual-band-technology that allows you to receive information directly to your smartphone, smart watch and our leader board metric system. 



Schwinn performance AC plus bikes with carbon blue belt drive delivers the most realistic ride feel to being outdoors and on the road. All our bikes are equipped with double-link pedals that allow our uses flexibility to have either cycling shoes or normal trainers. The bikes have magnetic breaking systems to give you a smooth ride the entire class and a large spectrum of resistance.

✓ compete in class

For the competitive natured, we offer our high intensity training options where you are able to race the group or you can work as a group. Racing is a great way to improve.



All our instructors are taught by Scwinn how to best utilize and integrate all the performance data into a class to deliver a high energy workout that is individualized to suit your level of fitness, training experience and goals.